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Journal of Academic Perspectives

Roman Catholic Ambivalence Toward Religious Freedom:  Harmonizing Change and Continuity in Dignitatis Humanae Personae and After

Donald H. J. Hermann, Professor of Law and Philosophy, DePaul University, US


Enabling and Predisposing Factors Using the Andersen Model: UAE Healthcare Professionals Policy Involvement

Immanuel Azaad Moonesar, Principal Researcher, Health Policy Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, UAE and Jim Goes, Professor, Walden University, US


Heritage Languages in English-Dominated Contexts: Creating Barriers or Opportunities?

Nataliya Kharchenko, Graduate Student, University of Manitoba, Canada


From a Concealed Face to Parliament Member: A question into History of Gender and Meaning of Feminism in Sudan

Mawahib Ahmed Bakr, Research Associate, Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics, Qatar


Emigrant Experiences: Zoroastrians in the USA

Khodadad Kaviani, Associate Professor, Central Washington University, US


SICMa: Sino-Islamic Conflict Management Framework: Defusing Tensions between Chinese and Muslims

Patrik Kristof Meyer, Visiting Professor, Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Towards a Feminist Theology of Liberation from Anorexia Nervosa

Hannah Stammers, Graduate Student, University of Birmingham, UK


Gender Dynamics in Family Entrepreneurship: A Socio-Legal Perspective

Shubha Sandill, Graduate Student, York University, Canada


Paradigms of Masculinity in Late Antique Cosmological Narrative

Susanna Towers, Graduate Student, Cardiff University, Wales


Hard to Reach Communities and A Hard to Reach University

Laurence Lasselle, Corresponding Author, Senior Lecturer, University of St Andrews, and Robert Macpherson, School of Geography & Geosciences, University of St Andrews, UK



What Could Icons of the Mother of God Really Have to Do with Interdenominational and Interreligious Wars?

Hellen Dayton, Independent Scholar, U.A.E

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