Journal of Academic Perspectives
Journal of Academic Perspectives

Volume 2013 No 3

Uncivil Society: Incivility and Gender Discrimination as a Barrier to Advancement in American Higher Education

Kathleen Burke, Johns Hopkins University, US


Investigating the Experiences of Teachers Using Storytelling

Moira Dougherty, University of Maryland, US


Strategic Investment: A Case Study of Payoffs from Targeted University Funding

Susan M. Fritz, and Kristin Yates, University of Nebraska, US


The Value of Arts Education in a Global and Technological World

Theresa M. Grupico, Monmouth University, US


A Philosopher's Pedagogy: A Three-Part Model for School Betterment

Amber Strong Makaiau, and Benjamin Lukey, University of Hawai'i, US


Instruction Through the Lens of Socio-Economic Status: Reflections for Teacher Educators

Twyla T. Miranda, Joe Dryden, William Newton, Carlos A. Martinez, Lisa Dryden, Sandra Hudson Myers, Texas Wesleyan University, US

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