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Board of Editors


Samuel Kern Alexander, Ph.D., Illinois, U.S.


Editorial Advisory Board

W Kane Alexander M.A., J.D., St. Augustine, Florida, U.S.

Trevor Davies, Ph.D., Reading, U.K.

Theodore H. Lavit, Esq., J.D., Lebanon, Kentucky, U.S.

David Martin, Ph.D., Devon, U.K.

Annette Mountford, M.B.E., Oxfordshire, U.K.

Richard Salmon, M.A., Ph.D., Blacksburg, Virginia, U.S.

Reviewer Guidelines

Objectivity: Strive to be objective in your appraisal. Objectivity may be difficult since the manuscript you receive is on a subject related to your own interests.


Relevance: Confine your comments to an evaluation of the subject matter in the manuscript. Do not criticize the manuscript for lack of subject matter except where essential to satisfy the objectives of the study or to encourage further work.


Courtesy: Authors are naturally proud of their work and may be sensitive to sarcasm or discourteous remarks. This is particularly true of inexperienced authors. If comments are made with courtesy, they will more likely be handled by authors in a constructive manner.


Review Questions:

  • Does the body of the paper fulfill the objectives outlined in the Abstract?
  • Are the footnotes complete and relevant to the content of the paper?
  • Has the author provided complete references?
  • Is the Review of Literature appropriate to the subject matter? Is due credit given to the contributions of others?
  • Were the tables, figures, quotations, appendices, or other materials appropriate?
  • If statistical methods were used to analyze data, were they used properly?
  • Is the manuscript grammatically correct and stylistically consistent?

A list of reviewers is available upon request.


Volume 2024 No. 2

ISSN 2328-8264





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