Journal of Academic Perspectives
Journal of Academic Perspectives

Volume 2016 No 2

Language Screening Studies Point at Insufficient Medical and Language Therapeutic Care of Immigrant Children

Eugen Zaretsky, University Hospital of Frankfurt/Main, Germany;  Benjamin P. Lange, Julius Maximilian University of Wuerzburg, Germany


Spiritual Leadership - A Buddhist Skillful Means Approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility

Mai Chi Vu, University of Auckland, NewZealand


The Legacy of Peter Yoshirō Saeki: Evidence of Christianity in Japan Before the Arrival of Europeans

James Harry Morris, University of St Andrews, Scotland


Audience and Authority in the South English Legendary 'Life of St. Katherine'

Gillian Adler, University of California, Los Angeles, US


Caught in the Spotlight: Engaging Distance Students

Josua Pienaar, Central Queensland University; Nadine Adams, Learning and Teaching Services, Central Queensland, Australia


The Lonely Non-Resistant: Adin Ballou's Opposition to Violent Abolitionism in Antebellum America

Bryce Hal Taylor, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany


Simultaneous Measurement of the Acceptance of the Theory of Evolution at Regionally Distinct Colleges

Martin Kelly, D'Youville College; Kati I. Stoddard, Texas A&M University; David W. Allard, Texas A&M University-Texarkana, US


The Influence of Islam on the Education System in Germany and Austria

Barbara Friehs, University of Graz, Austria


Gender Mainstreaming in the European Union: The Firework Effect

Carla V. Maenza, Universitat Pompeu Fabra; University College London, UK


Faith, Belief and Religious Experience

John H. Dreher, University of Southern California, US


Examining the Impact of Team Dynamics on Academic and Professional Performance: A Cross-Sectional Study at Three Levels of Higher Education

Joseph B. Baugh, The University of Arizona and the University of Phoenix, US


The Role of Collective Motivation and Empathy in Self Help Groups

Sakshi Ghai, Vedica Scholars Programme for Women, India


Giving Women a Voice in the Decision Making Process Towards Achieving Environmental Sustainability: The Case of Oil Drilling in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

Uchenna Ijoma, University of Ottawa, Canada 


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