Journal of Academic Perspectives
Journal of Academic Perspectives

Volume 2016 No 4

Governance of Immigration in Increasingly Divided Societies: Empirical Evidence and Policy Proposals

Salvatore Villani and Giorgio Liotti, University of Naples Federico II, Italy


Iterations of the Divine:  The Pursuit of Sacred Personhood in West African Spirituality

Monika Brodnicka, The Ohio State University, US


Faith Battling Fear: U.S. Military Chaplains and the Regulation of Fear during World War II

Andrew R. Polk, Middle Tennessee State University, US


Women’s Equality in Families, in the Labor Market and in Management in Poland in Young People’s Opinions – Assessment of the Current Situation and Perspectives

Teresa Kupczyk, Aneta Szymańska and Joanna Kubicka, Wyższa Szkoła Handlowa, University of Business in Wroclaw, Poland


Ajar Shells and Hidden Dragons—Chinese Women’s Strategies of Talent Readjustment in the Late Imperial China (1550-1850)

Peng Cheng, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong


Creating Authentic Connections with High School Students: A Classroom Teacher Generated Algorithm

Kenneth Lloyd Reimer, University of Manitoba, Canada


The Fall of Man and the Ascent of the Human: Aronofsky’s Noah and the Rise of Human Consciousness

Frederick L. Downing, Valdosta State University, US and Jonathan W. Downing, Screaming Shi-Tzu Productions, US


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