Journal of Academic Perspectives
Journal of Academic Perspectives

Volume 2015 No 3

Spirituality in School Counseling Practice and Implications for School Counseling Education

Russell G. Yocum, Richard J. Silvey, Frederick A. Milacci, and Fernando L. Garzon, Liberty University, US


Exploring the Concept of 'Thick Description' of the Relgio-Moral Economy of Penal Transportation: A Micro-study of a Vandemonian Moment 1821

Richard Ely, University of Tasmania and University of Melbourne, Australia


A Brave New World: The Rights of the Disabled to an Even Playing Field in High Stakes Testing

Melani Lea Proctor, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Northern District of California, US


"Feminigenocide:" Or the Effacement of Women in the Genocidal Experience

Sarah Gendron, Marquette University, US

Law and Ethics: A Necessary Complementarity to Increase Women’s Presence in Business Managerial Positions

Maria Medina-Vicent, University Jaume I, Spain

Disruptive Women – Social Entrepreneurs with a Mission to Change the Face of Business

Denise Kleinrichert, San Francisco State University, US


The Sacrifice of God in the Vedas and Christianity

M. Krzysztof Byrski, Collegium Civitas, Poland


Sacrifice as Final Gamble: Abraham's Offering His Son and Buddha's Giving His Body

David L. Weddle, Colorado College, US


Centered Leadership: The Resilience and Power of the Female Spirit in T. Obinkaram Echewa's I Saw the Sky Catch Fire

Christine N. Ohale, Chicago State University, US


Understanding Change and Changeability: The Ethics of Disagreement in Islamic Thought

Md Yousuf Ali, International Islamic University, Malaysia 

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